Ultrasound or Ultrasonic scan 

What is an ultrasound or ultrasonic scan?

An ultrasound or ultrasonic scan sends high-frequency soundwaves through a woman’s uterus (womb).  This is a highly effective means of pregnancy scan.  The soundwaves bounce off the baby and echoes are turned into an image on screen that shows baby’s position and movement.  This baby scan can assess baby’s health inside the mother’s womb with a high degree of accuracy. 

Feature of ultrasonic scan tables

Ultrasonic scan is a very delicate process and it is vital to ensure total comfort for both the patient and sonographer.  This is where ultrasonic scan tables are extremely important.

Following are some of the desirable features of ultrasonic scan tables:

  • Comfortable for the patient.  Helps to maintain proper shoulder, arm and hand position during scanning
  • Ergonomic design which helps in preventing musculoskeletal injuries
  • Extra wide top with high loading capacity (to accommodate patients with more weight)
  • Adjustable height to accommodate patients of all sizes
  • Collapsible side rails for patients safety

With InnovaPro Ultrasonic scan tables, you will find all these features and more!