Ultrasonic Scan Table

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Fully equipped for OB/GYN and general ultrasound procedures, the extra wide table top of InnovaPro™ is designed with advanced ergonomics to provide maximum comfort for both patient and sonographer.

Lithotomic Position : The unique feature of this bed is the lithotomic position without the discomfort of the knees crutches.  The combination of the pelvic upward movement and Fowler backward movement helps the sonographer to do a transvaginal scan easily on a patient, which otherwise would be difficult due to the tensing of the muscles and different physical movements the patient would have to go through.

Fowler Back Position helps the patient to get from a sitting to a lying down position and vice versa very comfortably.

Table Top Slide : The back and forth movement of the table top helps the sonographer to do a thoracic scan easily.

Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelburg : The trendelenburg helps the sonographer to position the patient correctly.  In case of a syncope, the reverse tredelenburg position helps the patient to recover faster.

Table Up and Down Movements helps the patient to get on and off the table easily and the proper height helps the sonographer to work comfortably.

The Innova Pro Ultra Sound Scan Table is so designed that it requires minimum time for quality imaging.  Patient comfort is assured during lengthy procedures. 

Collapsible side rails could be provided for patient safety.

Our next bed Innova Cardio is due to be launched soon for echo cardiography


1. All movements electrically operated
2. Table Height Adjustment : Minimum 640mm and Maximum Height 955mm
3. Maximum Loading Capacity : 150 Kgs
4. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg positioning- 15 degrees
5. Table Top sliding from head end to leg end - 500 mm
6. Cervical Lift for trans-vaginal scan - 35 degrees
7. Back rest Lift (Fowler) - 40 degrees
8. Back rest and Cervical Lift can be operated synchronised for maximum comfort of the patient

Suitable Procedures

Abdomen Musculoskeletal
Endovaginal Hysterosonography
Pelvis OB
Thyroid Breast
Carotid Transesophogeal Echo

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