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Intensive Care Unit (ICU) Beds

ICU Beds are hospital beds meant for patients requiring critical care in hospitals. ICU beds are a vital component of medical care that can spell the difference between improvement and deterioration of the patient’s health. Their design, therefore has to ensure the safety and comfort of the patients and immediate response of the care givers to emergencies. We offer Vitalux, our electrically operated, microprocessor-controlled brand of ICU Beds These allow caregivers to adjust the angles and height of the beds to positions most comfortable for the patients and transmit vital data to monitors in duty rooms . Our beds are sold to hospitals in India and abroad, and they continue to evoke appreciation of the highest order from doctors and patients.


1. Electrically operated movements using linear actuators
2. Bed Height Adjustment: Maximum 500mm and Minimum 300mm
3. Trendelenburg and Reverse Trendelenburg - 20 degrees.
4. Back Rest Movement - 75 degrees Upward
5. Leg Movement - 75 degrees Upward
6. Detachable and moulded Head End and Leg End.
7. Collapsible Side Rails on both sides
8. Provision for mounting I-V stand on all four corners of the bed
9. Mobility for bed using castor wheels with independent brakes.
10. Made of mild steel tubes, CRCA sheets, with powder coating.

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