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Blood Donor Chair

Blood donor chair makes a better user experience for the donor and the technician .Using an ordinary chair for blood extraction causes un neccessary strain for the technician and the donor. The extraction process could become more complicated and unneccessary pain could be inflicted on the patient.

Blood donor chair positons the patient and the patient's arm in a comfortable position. Technician will not have over reach or over extend for extraction. Also minimises chances of accidents, spills and dropping of instruments and equipments.

Blood Donor Couch Specfications
 No of motors  1                2 3
 Lifting Capacity  NA  180 lbs 180 lbs
 Full length  205  205 205
 Seat length  58 cms  58 cms 58 cms
 Seat width  60 cms  60 cms 60 cms
 Back rest length  90 cms  90 cms 90 cms
 Leg rest length  70 cms  70 cms 70 cms
 Arm rest width  18 cms  18cms 18 cms
 Back rest control  yes  yes  yes 
 Leg rest control  NA  NA  NA
 Height control  NA  NA  NA 
 Flat bed position  NA  NA  NA 
 Arm rest height adjustment  yes  yes yes
 Controls  Wired palm top controls  Wired palm top controls  Wired palm top controls
 Trendelberg position  yes  yes yes
 Time to attain Trendelberg position 18-20 seconds  18-20 seconds 18-20 seconds
 Power  220 V Single phase AC 220 V Single phase AC  220 V Single phase AC
 Wheels  Mobile with 2 localble frontal castor wheels  Mobile with 2 localble frontal castor wheels  Mobile with 2 localble frontal castor wheels


Standard Accessories

Adjustable, Rotatable BCM Holder

Two stacked Trays

IV Line holder, Rotatable
Additional inbuilt power outlets

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