Welcome to Innova Pro Designs

Innova Pro Designs --- Young, dynamic, committed to indigenization of advanced machines in emerging fields!

Innova Pro Designs --- Successfully developing special-purpose products and transferring technology in biomedical engineering.

Innova Pro Designs --- Steadily supplying import-substitution products like dental chairs, ICU and Operation Theatre equipment, blood donation and transfusion furniture, and aircraft aisle trolleys and wheel chairs.

Innova Pro Designs --- Selling and maintaining highly rated original products like Flexi beds for therapeutic purposes, and intelligent hospital beds capable of monitoring and communicating patients’ vital parameters to carers.

Innova Pro Designs --- We welcome challenges in design, manufacture, and contract R&D in areas integrating electrical, electronic, and mechanical engineering!

Innova Pro Designs: If you have a problem, we have its solution.

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We also provide other products like Ultrasonic tableBlood donor chair and and Many others.